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About our lessons

Tinkerbell (Tink)



The horse gives back to a person more than any other animal--that is his job.  Unlike virtual reality, a relationship with an animal is tactile, personal, multi-dimensional and mutually beneficial.


Horses love people, too. Jill and her staff are expert at making the rider comfortable and safe on a horse, and making the horse a true partner for the rider.

2019 Autumn Riding Series Registration

Your lessons will introduce you to the nuances of that relationship:  we teach you to ride on our 10 school horses --forward and balance seat positions, and the use of aids to give you confidence and control.  You'll understand horse movement, and how flat work (dressage) relates to jumping.  Most classes move toward the introduction of the fundamentals of jumping so that it is safe and fun.  Advanced riders can enjoy a stadium jumping course and our new cross-country obstacles.

Mini-Mights, age 5-8-years-old, get special attention on our quietest horses; at first a volunteer helps right alongside them, but soon they are on their own, steering, stopping, and learning to trot. Lots of games, too!

Lessons are taught all year long, mostly in our huge outdoor arena, but in winter and rain in our indoor arena.  There is a heated observation area for parents, siblings and friends.  Your lesson is held at the same time each week--a date no one ever likes to miss!