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GRS Staff and Instructors


Jill Walter Robinson

Heart and soul--that can only mean owner/instructor Jill Walter-Robinson, a woman who has been teaching riding and managing stables (and only that!) since 1972. In the Peace Corps in West Africa in 1969, Jill discovered a horse that had walked out of the jungle behind her hut. The tribal chief who lost the horse allowed Jill to care-for and ride him. When she returned to her home in New York, Jill took the hint and enrolled in an instructor certification course taught by Frank Chapot. Soon after, Jill was Olympic rider Debbie Dolan's early instructor, and has taught and managed at Sweet Briar College, VA, The Farmington Polo Club, CT where she taught hunter rider Shashine Bell, and The Maryland Horse Center, where she directed a state-certified equestrian career course. For 25 years Jill has helped build character and confidence in young athletes, many who have gone on to careers in equine science, medicine and management.

Dale Walter-Robinson

Dale Walter-Robinson manages the business side of GRS; he does the bookkeeping, insurance, promotion, public relations, advertising, and maintains the physical plant . Jill and Dale met at Sweet Briar College in 1979 and have been married for 37 years.  Dale is also a freelance writer -- appearing over the years in Writer's Digest, Northeast Magazine, Autoweek, Hot Rod, and the New Haven Register, where he was the music writer from 2000-2008.   Most afternoons he disappears into the old firehouse at the entrance to GRS. If the door is open, and see the latest project.  Lately, he has been granted  patent on an in-flight regenerative system for an electric aircraft. He also designed Jill's electric trike.  Dale is a mentor for young men who come to work at GRS -- usually their very first job.   He can usually be seen with his kind and gentle Chesapeake Bay Retriever 'Riley'.

Quinn, Ella, Mary and Kendra

There is no better instructor than someone who has come up through Jill's program and rehired by GRS.  Our instructors have 'the right stuff' to keep your rider safe and give them more confidence than they thought they would ever have!

Workers and Apprentices

Our volunteer Workers and Apprentices are a group of young people who all ride at the Guilford Riding School. Each Worker has two apprentices who assist them in getting the horses ready for the lessons, grooming and tacking, and their care and feeding after the lessons.  All Workers and Apprentices are required to take and pass our unique Apprentice Program, giving them the skills they need to be safe and efficient working with our twelve School Horses.  We pride ourselves on our family atmosphere, and insist that our clients and staff behave according to the old values our society seems to be moving away from.  The sign above our door reads "Love, Laughter and Friends Welcome Here".  If you have any questions during a visit or lesson, ask any of our workers -- they'll know the answer, or get it for you!