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New! Cowboy Up! Western Riding Lesson Series

Western Riding Series Registration 2019

May 6 to June 15, 2019 -- Six weeks, Wednesday afternoon and evening -- (Other times will become available) *Western Wednesday*  $297.00, Pay in full or a 50% deposit -- $150.00.

Ever had a hankering to sit in the big comfortable saddle used by trail riders, cowboys and Western Pleasure folks?  To ride in rhythm with a horse and turn with just a tickle of the rein on the horse's neck?  (Neck reining).

How about those City Slicker vacations -- where you become a rancher for a few days?  Or beach rides, and trail rides with one of those stables you find at nearly every popular vacation spot in the U.S.?

Join our six week Western Riding Series starting May 6, and you'll be at the head of the line of horses (which has certain benefits); or if you have a horse in your backyard and you already trail ride but you want to learn how to keep your horse from trying to get back to the barn, or stopping to munch on leaves.

Our instructor Lisa Kelly has been riding and teaching Western for years -- she'll keep you safe and allow you to move along at a pace suitable to your goals.

This new series is for beginner or intermediate riders who want to hone their skills  -- no rodeo cowboys or barrel racers -- yet.

Jill and Dale will be there to assist.  When asked about the difference between English and Western riding Jill says English is like sailing, and Western is like power boating.  So if you want to learn a more refined method of riding -- join our English program.

Dale has acquired a big Western-trained horse for himself and for you to ride in your lesson.

This is actor/horseman Dale Robertson starring as Jim Hardie in the 1950s-60s TV show "Tales From Wells Fargo".  He's at a full lope -- you can only tell by his horse Jubiliee's mane.  Check it out on Amazon Prime.Western Riding Series Registration 2019